Employee travel

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Shenzhen hardware technology co., ltd, established in 2011. The company is based on the products of gold, silver, business cards, copper cards, aluminum cards, Speaker Mesh and small signs and other international high-end corrosion products. After years of efforts and development, with a certain scale and strength, now has a superb technical service team. In the environmental protection related corrosion control business, but also adhering to the concept of green development. 
Many years of corporate culture molding experience, the company often organizes large-scale outdoor activities to shape the diversification, to enhance the cohesion of enterprises and effectively improve the positive unity of employees. 
In 2014, the company passed the ISO9000 international standard quality system certification, quality and superb technology, " integrity - based, quality first, wholeheartedly for the customer ", our company customer first, service - oriented business model. So that enterprises in the development of a good social image in the industry is far ahead.